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Utah Backcountry Snowmobile Tour

Quick Details


If you love adventure and the backcountry, this is a must-do activity!

Imagine being able to ride a 165 horsepower machine in the best snow on earth. The Uinta Mountains are beautiful and filled with amazing terrain to ride. There is plenty of terrain for every level of rider. Whether you are new to the sport and never ridden or have been riding for years, our guides get you to some of the best snow and terrain Utah has to offer. Making sure to keep you safe and have the most amount of fun possible.

What does the tour include? A brand new Polaris Khaos or Pro RMK mountain snowmobile. This snowmobile is designed to ride off-trail in the deepest of snow, perfect for everything the mountain can dish out. You’ll also get two professional guides. Not only can you find our guides in one of the most popular backcountry snowmobile films, but they are also wilderness first responders, have a great amount of avalanche education and know the mountain better than anyone else out there. Providing you with all the ski-pulls to get you unstuck for the day we will make sure you get some fresh, untracked snow. Letting you TRACK OUT the best snow on earth. If you need gear, we have you covered as well! And if you want to bring your own snowmobile, that’s cool, book your tour now!

Once you book, we will reach out and discuss what trailheads to meet us at. We are permitted to guide from a few different trailheads in Utah. Depending on snow conditions and your riding ability, we determine exactly where we ride. We want to make sure you get the most of your experience.