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What’s a day on the snow like with Tracked Out Adventures?

by DJ Osborne


We get the questions all the time.. Where do we meet? How long do we ride? What time do we start?

I’m here to help answer some of those. Our daily guiding in the Uintas goes as follows.

We meet at 8am at one of the trailheads in the Uinta National Forest that we are permitted to leave from. Those trailheads are either Soapstone or one of the few near Strawberry located off of US-40. We will reach out beforehand and let you know where we intend on meeting. Be there at 8 am!

Between 8 am and 9 am we get dressed for the day in our Trails West RPM trailer. It’s nice and warm inside so when you arrive at the trailhead make your way in and say hi!

Once everyone is dressed and ready for the day we will have a briefing and talk about things like the weather, avalanche conditions, where we are going to ride, the type of terrain we will be taking you in and answer any questions you may have.

After that, if you are renting a snowmobile we will go over some details on that and then we will head out on the mountain around 9 am.

From there it’s a full day of fun on the snow riding in terrain that is a good match for your riding ability. Out on the mountain, we will also be eating lunch, so be sure to pack a lunch, drinks and snacks. We highly recommend bringing an extra set of goggles and gloves. If you don’t have an extra set or you are renting gear from us let us know so we can make sure you’re prepared.

Our guides will help you get unstuck if you end up sinking in that Utah powder! We are also here to help you with any riding techniques or questions you may have. Our number one goal is to help you have an amazing day.

We will be wrapping up the day around 4 pm and start heading back to the trailhead. Once back we will wrap up. If you are joining us for multiple days you may store your gear and sled in our trailer and we will make sure it’s nice and dry for you the next day.

Want photos and video of your trip? No problem we will make sure to get plenty. Feel free to bring your cameras and GoPro as well.