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The Boondockers Experience with Aaron Case and Ryan Searle

a snowmobile about to jump off a cliff

This past weekend we had Aaron Case and Ryan Searle in town! Both are featured in many of the Boondockers film. It’s a backcountry film that’s shot all over the mountain west and features some of the top riders in the industry. You can check out more here –

Friday started out with a more technical session based on the clients that showed up that day. We climbed up through a creek bottom into some technical tree riding and eventually found some small drops and pillows to play around on.

Saturday all of our clients were fairly new to riding. We hit up some big meadows that had cliffs surrounded them. That’s where we found two pretty big cliff drops. One was probably 30 foot and the other a 20 footer. Aaron showed us just how easy he made launching off cliffs look. The clients were amused. Later on the day Ryan would throw out some huge boost up the face of a mountain and send himself rocketing through the air. A good 100 feet from what it appeared.

Sunday things got real crazy! Aaron started off the day by jumping the Mirror Lake road gap. Later in the day Ryan and Aaron would both send it off a 50 foot cliff above Fehr Lake. All in all it was an awesome weekend where they not only helped many of the clients learn new technique but also were able to show us how they ride in the backcountry.

We hope to see you out on our next adventure!