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Important Equipment for Motorcycle Safety and Enjoyment

by DJ Osborne


Like any thrilling outdoor adventure, riding motorcycles requires some basic preparation and collection of the proper gear. This is the case for everyone from weekend road riders to dedicated trail riders, all of whom need many of the same kinds of things to stay safe and happy while on the bike.

At Tracked Out Adventures, we’re happy to help you identify and locate all the equipment you need to begin your riding season, whether you’re taking advantage of our motorcycle rental options or our variety of motorcycle tours around Utah. Here are several of the most basic and common pieces of motorcycle equipment you’ll need:


First and foremost, anyone who rides any form of bike, from a road bicycle up to a Harley, needs to be wearing a helmet while they do so. Not only is this law in most areas of the country, it’s the simplest and most straightforward way to stay safe.

Particularly if you ride heavily, but even if you don’t, we generally recommend a full-face helmet that offers maximum protection. These helmets can also protect you from wind, bugs and other debris that might get in your way. Make sure the helmet you buy fits correctly, and ensure it’s accredited by a crash test agency that tests the helmet well in advance.


If you’re wearing day-to-day sneakers or, god forbit, sandals while riding, you’re making a big mistake. Not only do these products fail to protect your feet adequately, they could diminish your riding experience.

Instead, purchase riding boots that are dedicated to this sort of thing. They’ll help your feet grip the pedals for long rides, plus protect them from hazards. Like helmets, ensure the riding boots you choose fit well and are made by a reputable manufacturer.


A big part of operating a motorcycle or dirt bike is grip, and this area becomes much simpler if you have proper riding gloves. Think about riding with any moisture on the ground, for instance – gripping the handlebars will be tough, as it will be if you’re sweating during the summer heat. Gloves will also protect you from any scrapes or cuts on your hands if you happen to fall.

Neck Coverage

Between the helmet and your chest area might be some exposed skin, and many riders choose to cover this with a neckerchief or something similar. It protects from wind, rain, debris, and even sunburn.

Clothing Layers

Even on hot days, we recommend wearing full-length clothing while riding and avoiding short sleeves. This will protect you from both physical dangers and the sun’s rays. While you might worry about getting hot during the summer, there are many lightweight and breathable full-length options meant to keep you cool and well-ventilated.

For more on the proper gear and equipment for riding motorcycles, or to learn about any of our dirt bike rentals or motorcycle tours, speak to the staff at Tracked Out Adventures today.