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Important Areas for Pre-Ride UTV Inspection

UTV on The Road.

If you’re looking for the best possible UTV experience for you and your family this summer, Tracked Out Adventures is the place to be. We have a wide range of UTV rentals, including the Can Am and Polaris RZR, plus pros with extensive experience with these vehicles who can provide expertise and answer any questions you may have.

If this summer is your first experience with a UTV, you may be wondering about a basic pre-ride checklist to ensure everything is safe and ready to go. Here are several areas you should consider here, each of which are simple to check on and require very little technical knowledge, if any at all.

Check Tires

For starters, check on the tires that will support your entire UTV ride. For side-by-side vehicles, tires take quite a beating – they carry heavy loads over tough terrain on a regular basis. Before pushing off for your ride, check the treads on your tires to ensure they’re strong and have not worn down.

In addition, get a tire pressure gauge and check the pressure levels. If needed, go to a gas station with an air pump and fill your tires to the proper levels, which you can ask our pros about in advance. If you notice any worn treads or cracks, speak to our team about replacing these before you leave the store.

Fluid Levels

There are a few fluids you may want to check on, but the most important is oil and coolant. Oil is vital for providing lubrication to various engine components, just like in a car or motorcycle – with improper levels, you risk friction and other concerns.

Coolant, on the other hand, is in charge of ensuring the engine never overheats. All you have to do with coolant is to maintain its level, which is shown on the cap. Coolant is available at any auto store, or even most gas stations.

Radiator Cap

Speaking of coolant, it’s sealed in the engine by what’s called the radiator cap. This cap also helps pull coolant into the engine, but a loose seal could lead to overheating due to coolant leaking. For this reason, make sure the cap is properly sealed and has not worn down.

Battery Life

Like with any vehicle, the battery is the heart of operations – but can wear down over time. UTV batteries may discharge slowly if they’ve been stored for a long time, a process that can be countered by hooking them up to a tender.


Air filters are in charge of preventing dirt and other particles from making it into your engine. If filters are clogged or dirty, or their intake area is messy, the engine won’t function as well.

For more on preparation areas before riding your UTV, or to learn about any of our dirt bike rentals, motorcycle tours or other services, speak to the staff at Tracked Out Adventures today.